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Dive into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies and let our platform empower you to make intelligent investment decisions. Your digital wealth expansion starts here!

About us




INTELID isn not just another cryptocurrency trading platform; it is a commitment to each investor future. Our foundation lies in our deep expertise in the financial markets, our cutting-edge technology, and our unwavering dedication to providing a safe and secure trading environment. Transparency is key to trust. We are an open book, and our certificate of incorporation is available for you to view anytime. Our platform is built with the user in mind, offering extensive resources, real-time market analytics, and 24/7 customer support, ensuring you are never in the dark about your investments.

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Our offer

In the ever-evolving digital world, INTELID stands out by providing a comprehensive suite of advantages and features designed to cater to both novice and experienced investors. Here is why our platform is the preferred choice for intelligent crypto investing!

Intuitive dashboard

Invest with ease using our modern, intuitive interface that simplifies complex operations: depositing funds, withdrawing them, and managing your active investments a breeze.

Diverse plans

Diversify your funds with our array of investment plans. From smaller to high-reward opportunities, we offer endless possibilities to amplify your investment strategies.

Instant payouts

Whether you have achieved your investment goals or need access to your funds for another promising opportunity, our platform ensures your profits reach you swiftly.

Real-time analytics

Maintain your competitive edge with our AI-powered market insights and analytics, delivered in real-time to bolster your decision-making process with speed and precision.

Advanced security

Your security is non-negotiable. Our platform uses top-tier encryption and multiple security protocols to ensure your assets and personal data are protected around the clock.

24/7 support

Our dedicated team of professionals is at your service around the clock. From simple inquiries to complex issues, we are committed to providing you with best solutions.

Investment plans

At INTELID, we acknowledge that each investor has a unique financial fingerprint. Your goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon are factors that shape your strategy. That is why we have designed a diverse suite of investment plans, allowing you to customize your investment journey to best fit your financial aspirations.



2.25% daily
  • Duration 18 days
  • Minimum 35$
  • Maximum 20000$
  • Capital return
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2.65% daily
  • Duration 24 days
  • Minimum 2500$
  • Maximum 50000$
  • Capital return
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3.05% daily
  • Duration 30 days
  • Minimum 5000$
  • Maximum 500000$
  • Capital return
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Referrals program

Our referral program is designed to reward you for bringing fellow crypto enthusiasts to the INTELID family. By extending our community, you don not only help others make informed investment decisions, but you also enjoy a percentage of the invested funds from everyone you refer. It is simple - the more active investors you bring into INTELID, the more you earn!

Level 1 5%

Level 2 2%

Level 3 1%

We recognize and value the hard work of our members who have active and large teams contributing significantly to the INTELID community. In acknowledgment of these exceptional efforts, we offer the possibility of negotiating individual commission rates. These personalized rates can be significantly more favorable, up to twice as high as the regular ones, depending on the team performance and size. If you believe your team qualifies for these enhanced rates, please don not hesitate to contact us.

Career program

At INTELID, we present you with a unique career opportunity that transcends traditional job roles. Become a member, invite users, and get paid for the turnover generated by your team. It is an innovative program where you are remunerated for building and nurturing your own team of passionate individuals. Grow with INTELID, and lets reshape the financial landscapes together!




Team turnover 3500$



Team turnover 6000$



Team turnover 12000$



Team turnover 20000$



Team turnover 50000$



Team turnover 120000$



Team turnover 250000$



Team turnover 500000$



Team turnover 1000000$


Keep up-to-date with the latest and most significant news about our platform and the wider world of cryptocurrency. From platform enhancements, market trends, critical updates, to insightful articles, our news section is your go-to source for all things crypto. With INTELID, you’re not just investing; you are becoming a part of a knowledgeable community that stays ahead of the curve.

2023-11-02 12:00:00

INTELID launches today!

Our platform offers an array of investment plans tailored to fit the unique needs and aspirations of our diverse community, from beginners to seasoned investors. With the introduction of features like instant payouts, a robust referral program, and career opportunities that extend beyond traditional norms, INTELID is not just a platform—it's the future of investing.

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Your journey towards cryptocurrency trading success is a click away. Contact us through our online form, or via our contact details below, for any inquiries, concerns, or feedback. Our dedicated team is always here to support and guide you through your investing journey.

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